Holiday Tips to Mount Bromo You Need To Know : Sunrise And Crater on Mount Bromo is a destination that is usually visited by tourists visiting Mount Bromo, bromo crater which has a diameter of 800 meters is very unique, to be able to visit the crater of Mount Bromo tourists usually do it by riding a horse or on foot, and then proceed with a ride stairs with 250 steps. Bromo crater at the top of the crater is very beautiful, with dihiasai views of tengger mountains and mountains Batok that form the steep lines that are beside the crater of Mount Bromo. To enjoy the beauty of Mount Bromo requires preparation before, for that time this will share tips for trip to Mount Bromo, so that later your tour can walk fun.

Holiday Tips To Mount Bromo You Need To Know !!

Holiday Tips To Mount Bromo

Holiday Tips to Mount Bromo are as follows:

1. Choose the Right Time

Visiting tourist attractions in East Java this one requires timeliness and adjusts to your plan, if you visit Bromo during the dry season, you can watch the sunrise perfectly, but the view from the savanna is not so good, this is due to the grass in the meadow dry. And if you visit during the rainy season, you will miss the view of Sunrise, but the beauty of green savanna will you can enjoy perfectly. so you can prioritize what conditions you want to go to Mount Bromo.

2. Maintain Physical Conditions

Physical conditions must also be well prepared, this is because the weather in Mount Bromo is very cold, do not get when you’re cool to travel in Bromo, your physical condition decreased, so as to reduce the joy of enjoying the beauty of Bromo.

3. Prepare Personal Equipment

Before you leave for a trip to this tourist destination in East Java, you must prepare personal equipment such as jackets, bags, socks and masks. but for those of you who do not have time to prepare, in the area around Bromo many sellers and equipment rental – the equipment mentioned. And do not forget also to prepare support equipment such as kamere or video shooting tripot and also snacks.

4. Book Far Accommodation – Long Day

With you booking accommodation far away, you will not be confused again on H day, especially during the holiday season, most of the accommodation and lodging available are already booked, and even if there is a price it will be more expensive.

That is the review of Mount Bromo Tours hopefully these reviews can be useful for those of you who will visit tourist attractions in East Java.