The Best Time to Visit Mount Bromo Tour Package . One of the most important things you need to prepare before traveling is about the weather. You don’t want to break up your holiday caused by bad weather, right? Moreover, if you want to see sunset or sunrise from a certain mountain, the weather is the most important things. There are many mountains to see the beautiful sunrise or sunset in Indonesia. One of them is Mount Bromo. Watching sunrise or sunset in Bromo is favorite activity among tourists. Well, you are able to do this with Bromo tour package.

The Best Time to Visit Mount Bromo

Moreover, if you would like to use Bromo tour package, you are able to take it anytime you have free days. To get beautiful scenery, it will be so much better if you know about the local weather first. The best time to visit Mount Bromo is June to August where it is less rain. However, remember that it is a crowded time. The sky is clear enough to capture beautiful sunrise or sunset rather than the rainy days on November to March. On the other hand in August, you are able to see Kesodo festival as well. Just try to avoid traveling in a weekend if you don’t want to get stuck in crowded situations.

The Best Time to Visit Mount Bromo Tour Package

Fortunately, the weather in East Java is less rainy rather than the other parts of Java Island. All you need to do is searching more for the weather in Mount Bromo area to ensure you can get the best time to visit. Actually, it can be anytime, just hope that the sky is clear enough to capture the most beautiful view in Mount Bromo. In addition, you should decide when you want to travel and take the Bromo tour package for it. If you want make it simple and practical, join the tour package is fine and recommended.