5 Things that must be prepared before vacationing at Bromo and Ijen

Holidays have arrived! It’s time to get ready to relax in a joyful vacation.

If Mount Bromo and Ijen Crater in East Java are your destination and your family at this time, then here are what we need to prepare so that your vacation can be successful.

5 Things that must be prepared before vacationing at Bromo and Ijen

1. Book accommodation

The first thing we have to do if we want to take a vacation is to book a plane or train ticket. Tickets can be booked through an online travel agent or through the travel agency of a local travel agency. If we want things to be easier we just leave it to the travel agency travel. The travel agency that will take care of everything, booking tickets as well as accreditation during your trip, such as the Mount Bromo Ijen tour package, complete facilities.

2. Packing

Before traveling far like a vacation we have to do as much preparation as possible and do not let important items be left behind so that our holiday trips can be comfortable and enjoyable.

.3. Prepare Gadgets and Cameras

Usually if we plan a vacation to beautiful tourist attractions we definitely want to capture the events when we are at the tourist attractions so that they can be a wonderful memory.

For that, it would be better if we also have to pay attention to the infrastructure to capture these beautiful moments so that everything can go according to what we want. The infrastructure includes gadgets or cameras.

4. Information on the condition of tourist attractions

Get used to knowing the condition of tourist attractions before you vacation. That way you can find out and prepare everything like what clothes and so on.

5. Schedule of activities

Keep in mind the schedule of activities during the trip in order to maximize the time you have for a vacation.

Here are some tips that we summarized before starting the tour.